bookmark_borderWatch the personal computer history in 15 videos

The 25 years of personal computer history can be also found on YouTube, those are TV commercials, old equipment reviews and videos from conventions that show the evolution of the machines during the last three decades. Take a look of this video selection.
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bookmark_borderIII Lã Do Morro – Lan Party Webcam’s Video

Surfing on the Internet I found this great link telling how to make a stop-motion video with a digital camera, so I decided to make one something like that, but with pictures that I took with my webcam during the 3rd Lã Do Morro – Lan Party, that was hosted in my house on 9th of January 2004, quite long ago. The final result was amazing, you can see how the lan party went, the weather, and time, when it’s getting dark or light. Very cool, hope you like! Wanna know what do you think of it?! =)

I uploaded also a video from the 1st Lã Do Morro – Lan Party, isn’t so nice, but its HERE if you want to watch it!

bookmark_borderMy first google adsense paycheck

Hey everyone, sorry that I haven’t been updating the website lately. As I told before, I’m in a very busy time with studies, can’t post and play with electronics right now. I’d like to say that I’ve received my first google adsense paycheck, Isn’t much but it helps, and makes me somehow exited with the website! Too sad for now I can’t do much. But after all this studies stuff is over, ill dedicate more time to this website, probably re-design, add some new features. And as I get in university, probably Ill make some nice tutorials about electronics and more.

Here goes the picture…

If you would like to insert google ads in your website, here goes the link!!

See you all!! 🙂

bookmark_borderSorry folks

Sorry for not updating the website so often lately, I’m now in vacation :), and I’m spending most of the time traveling, beaches, trekking and with friends. Not much time to be on computer. On march my school starts, its a year studying to the university test, so I’ll study like hell, and won’t have so much time to update often the site, but anyway I’ll keep with it, showing my projects and stuff I like.