Watch the personal computer history in 15 videos

The 25 years of personal computer history can be also found on YouTube, those are TV commercials, old equipment reviews and videos from conventions that show the evolution of the machines during the last three decades. Take a look of this video selection.


IBM PC 486 in England
TV Commercial from IBM, animated with Pink Panther to promote IBM
PC 486 in British market.



A day of fury
Famous video of unknown origin, where it shows a angry man braking
his office computer.



TV Commercial of IBM’s Personal System 2 with cast from a famous TV
series of TV Mash



Ibm japanOS/2 in Japan
Japanese TV commercial that makes one finny analogy of Windows and
DOS to show its new operational system OS2, IBM



This video shows the capacity of an
animation made on a IBM XT



Disk, the 80’s modernity
TV Ads from the American network of shop Radio Shack, that shows
the quality of the “new” TRS-80



Microsoft XTMicrosoft Windows 1.04
Video that shows how the new version of Microsoft Windows O/S 1.04
works. (The user doesn’t use mouse).



BallmerBalmer, the seller
TV commercial – 1406 style – in with Steve Ballmer, nowadays CEO
president of Microsoft, that sells Windows 2.0 for 99 dollars



Microsoft Monkey-Boy Balmer
Video from an Microsoft’s event in wish Steve Ballmer dances and
say, screaming, all his love for Microsoft.



OS/2 on TV
TV commercial to convince watchers to use OS/2 from IBM




Macintosh Commercial
TV ad from Apple that compares usability between MAC and a PC




Apple Classic
Video that reminds the old Apple computers




Macintosh SE/30
Macintosh’s SE 30 user made an emotionanting tribute video to his
machine. And the other one shows Macintosh SE surfing on the net.



Steve Jobs returns
Video in 1997’s Macworld that shows Steve Jobs being applauded by
audience. You can watch full speech here.



The beginning of Macintosh’s empire
Video that shows Steve Jobs’s speech where is remembers all sauces
trajectory of Apple. And showing the new concept “1984”, year when
the MAC was released



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