bookmark_borderRelational Space #1

This work presents an urban intervention using interactive technology. Located within a pedestrian and small vehicles tunnel below a busy road, that connects two parts of the Federal University of Santa Catarina Campus, the intervention creates a new relationship between tunnel and road. It operates as a displacement, transposing the sound of the traffic above to the pedestrians below. A sound sensor captures the sound of cars on the road and transmits a signal to the Arduino board, bringing a sense of chaos into the tunnel from above. The installation was developed as part of the discipline of Interactive Technologies and Creative Processes of the Architecture and Urbanism department at UFSC.

This is the final project from an architecture class project that I helped with.

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bookmark_borderReboot Buggy

Industrial designer, Joey Ruiter brings his modern day carriage to life by ignoring the parameters of what a car is supposed to be and asking what a car wants for itself. It’s a story about steel and horsepower, but really it’s a story about what happens when we aren’t afraid to be curious.

“For some people is enough to just think about it, or talk about it, or watch on tv or read a book about it… My advice is to get your hands dirty, and wonder and not be afraid to ask questions like ‘Why is that this way?’. People say there are no dumb questions, and thats true, but I think we get criticized for wondering too often. In everything we do there are parameters, to ignore those is the key.”