New Gmail Player


Google�s Gmail just made one nice update. Now it has a mp3 player built-in. So now when you receiver a .mp3 file in your email, you can listen to it before download. This is very useful for those who send/receive a lot of mp3.


File on the email attachment:


The player:


Another Cool Observation:
You can use the player to play any mp3 on the internet, by using the code:
and it will look like this


To find all .mp3 files on your gmail account, under searchbar:
filename:mp3” and it will list all emails with .mp3 attached.


If you want to use Gmail to host your mp3, there is a good Firefox plugin to use gmail as a FileBrowser.
You can download it HERE.


Any question just say, and I’ll try to help you! 🙂


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