bookmark_borderTalk nerdy to me! Where I get my electronics updates and news

Ever wondered where is a good place to find new and interesting chips on the market? Questions about electronics and what is happening in the market?

For the engineers and makers out there, the world of electronics can be a bit overwhelmed with so much happening all the time, updates, news and buyouts (specially in the past few months).

I would to use this post to share some of my favorite places to get new chip information, updates and random electronics questions.




Do you remember IRC? Yes, it’s still alive and strong. Just connect to the Freenode network and you will find many very interesting channels where you can talk electronics, exchange information and ask questions! If you are there, drop a line to spillere (me!).

  • #electronics on Freenode
  • #avr on Freenode
  • #arduino on Freenode



  • Fedevel Academy – Learn awesome PCB designing skills
  • /r/nicechips – Reddit, a great place on the internet where people share their findings in the electronic chips market. Really really good!!

This list is still a working in progress. If you have any suggestions please add a comment bellow!

bookmark_borderCampus Party Brasil 2008

Right now in São Paulo is happening the Campus Party Brasil, it’s the biggest entertainment event that started back in 1997. During seven days, millions of people come with it’s own computer from everywhere and willing to exchange curiosity, share knowledge and do everything related to computers, community and tech things.

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bookmark_borderFunny Story: User don’t believe Linux can run without Windows

“You are kidding arent you ?”
Some really clever windows user, made a funny but sad post on ZDNET’s forum saying that Linux can’t run on any computer without Windows underneath it.

You can read what he says HERE at the forum.

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bookmark_borderSome ideas on how Ubuntu 8.04 will look like

While Ubuntu 7.10 is still quite new, you can already take a look on some ideas about how the next version of this amazing OS will look like. I can’t wait until the next release, I believe this time it will come with so many new things, and surprises!

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