bookmark_borderDiablo III is coming


Finally Blizzard has revealed information about the next Diablo, and man, I’m exited. The good thing is that it’s not MMORPG, it will be almost the same way it was before, but now with better graphics, new monsters and characters. I don’t know if it’s my connection or their server is loaded because of too many visits.
Right now is happening the Blizzard Worldwide Paris, so let’s wait for more information about this! 🙂

Well, check out the blizzard website and Diablo Fans

bookmark_borderMerry Christmas to all

Hello everyone, right now I`m on my grandmas beach house, as you may know, here in Brazil we are in summer holidays, so I`veH been on the beach almost everyday. This is a quick post, I`m not able to write as much as I would like right now, but want to say thanks to everyone who commented and helped me in building this blog (now with my own name). And want to say (little late) Happy Christmas to all and a amazing 2008.

Till next year 🙂

bookmark_borderNew theme!

Long time since I wanted to change the old theme from my blog. I’ve made several theme layouts but none of them I really liked, so I came with this one, wich is almost ready. Based on K2 I’ll still make many optimizations and modifications, hope you enjoy. 🙂
What do you say?