bookmark_borderOpen Hardware Definition 1.0 Released

It’s finally here, a document that will help us to define what Open Hardware is, and to spread the idea. Open Software have been around for a long time, Open Hardware is still beginning, but already have a really big community out there, including me. I will add the logo to my next projects for sure!

Now, to move forward, please HELP:

This is a very important step in propelling our movement forward. PLEASE FORWARD FAR AND WIDE.

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bookmark_borderHowTo: Backing Up All Your Photos From Flickr

flickr0.jpgAre you like me, who uploads almost every photo you take to your Flickr Account? Right now, I’ve uploaded 6,472 photos. What if the hard drive where all your precious pictures are stop working? What would you do, start downloading your pictures from Flickr one by one, no way right?

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bookmark_borderPluto: Wikipedia 10 x Books 0

wikipediaOne interesting week news is that Pluto isn’t a planet anymore. It is now called Dwarf Planet. But what it have to do with technology? Well, while in Wikipedia, the article of the ex-planet was modified some hours after the official announcement made by IAU, normal school books will only be updated just in… 2008.

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