HowTo: Backing Up All Your Photos From Flickr

flickr0.jpgAre you like me, who uploads almost every photo you take to your Flickr Account? Right now, I’ve uploaded 6,472 photos. What if the hard drive where all your precious pictures are stop working? What would you do, start downloading your pictures from Flickr one by one, no way right?

Open-Source FlickrEdit came to help us all with this hard duty, to download all pictures from your Flickr Accound with some few clicks. It have been written in JAVA and makes the process of downloading all your pictures a easy work.

Just after opening the program, it will ask you to enter your login and password, so it will be able to get the needed information about your account. After that you will be able to see all your photo sets, like the picture below:

With this program, you can select to download all pictures from a Set, all pictures, your favorites and much more…

When you’ve selected “Backup Selected“, it will ask you where you want to save, you can still save your pictures to CD or DVD (haven’t tried this option, if you do, let us know).

While backing up, it will check how big will be the download, and then it will start downloading to the folder or media you’ve selected.


After the backing up process is done, just go to your selected folder and your pictures will be there! 🙂

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