bookmark_borderSay hello to Gutsy Gibbon

Today is the day many people were waiting for. Ubuntu 7.10 codename Gutsy Gibbon was released, with several improvements. Ubuntu for those who don’t already know it, it’s a Linux Distro for Humans, which means that even you who don’t know much about computers can use it. It’s totally free and runs on Pcs and Mac. So if you are up to the challenge, you can Download the .ISO file from here, request by mail or just upgrade.
If you’re interested, I’ve selected some links for you:

A Look at Ubuntu 7.10 “Gutsy Gibbon” RC1
Ubuntu’s Power Consumption Tested
13 Things to after installing Ubuntu

bookmark_borderHeroes in “Got Milk” Commercials

The American campaign “Got Milk?” was created to incentive milk consume between Americans, and got known by showing famous faces like singers and actors with milk mustache.

The new campaign have stars like Hiro and Claire, from Heroes. Here you can see other examples of TV/Movie characters, like from the Fantastic Four and Superman.


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bookmark_borderGoogle Maps launches Mapplets

Google Maps has launched today a new feature called Mapplets (Map + Applets ^^), which makes you able to insert layers with many different information into your maps, like crime rates, building prices, transit maps, area calculator(thats a nice one), and much more.
Mapplets are now available at the “My Maps” tab, where you click in “Add content” to see them all. After adding some “Mapplets”, you’ll see them placed on the left menu interface. I’ve places on this post a Mapplets demonstration made from Google. Enjoy! 🙂