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I want on of these for Chistmas! Please Santa, put one of these in your bag and ship it to Brazil!!

“We’re not sure what we could tell you about the MarioKart Arcade GP dual-seater cabinet that could convince you to lay down the required $17,495 to pick one up, but you’re crazy if you don’t think we’re considering one for the office. Don’t deny, you’re at least thinking about it, too.”

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bookmark_borderBrazil moves towards fast internet connection

This is great news for me and my Brazilian folks! Brazil is moving towards faster internet for a reasonable price. Two weeks ago the Brazilian cable company, NET, released 2Mb/4Mb/8Mb internet speed for a low price. Other companies are offering speed up to 1Mb for R$200 (U$83) but this new service will cost 2Mb/300Kbps for R$79 (U$33), 4Mb/600Kbps for R$99 (U$41) and 8Mb/1.2Mb for R$199 (U$82). The only concern is that this cable company may limit bandwidth, 20Gb for 2Mb, 40Gb for 4Mb and 60Gb for 8Mb. That is not much for those who are downloading things 24/7 on bittorrent or in other P2P softwares.
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