bookmark_borderAnother cool AVR Dev Board

Kyle Stewart built another cool Dev Board for the ATmega168/8 (same microcontroller used in arduino).
The news thing about this board, is that it have a “vertical approach”, leaving more space on the breadboard for other components, a excellent idea!

Some features:

  • Works with ATmega168 (and probably others)
  • 16MHz crystal
  • 5V and 3V regulators can supply power to breadboard
  • Plugs vertically into breadboard taking minimal space
  • ISP programmable
  • 1-wire debug can be used
  • Simple to build, no surface mount components


On kyle’s website you will find the schematic, eagle files and more.

Take a look at:

bookmark_borderHow I built My HTPC

I’ve built my HTPC like one year ago, don’t know why I have never written about it on this website. Well, for today, I will be presenting the place I spend many hours of my life, my Home Theater PC, my Media/File/Gaming/BackUp Server. The idea came many years ago, but without $, it was not possible. Fist my main computer was near the tv, so I used to connect to my old tv using a S-Video Cable and a P2 to a RCA Cable, and as a Tube Tv, the quality wasn’t that good, and I couldn’t almost read any text on the screen, just big texts like subtitles.

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bookmark_borderSoon, your iPod Nano could play 300,000 years of music without repetition

Washington: Scientists are working to create a ultra-dense storage systems for computers and electronics. If the system works, it would enable storage of density of more than 100,000 terabits per cubic centimetre i.e. a device the size of an iPod nano could hold enough MP3 music to play for 300,000 years without repeating a song or enough DVD quality video to play movies for 10,000 years without repetition.

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bookmark_borderHowTo: Using the scanner lamp inside your computer

I had a broken scanner around here, so I decided to do something with it. I decided to install the lamp inside my computer. And its worked!!! So I’ll try to explain what I did to make it work. I believe it’s different for different scanners, but you can try to figure out for your! πŸ˜‰

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