Happy New Year

Hello everyone, first I want to say sorry that I haven’t update this site in a while, this year was hard, a lot to study, no time for almost anything else. But this time is over, I’m on vacation, leaving on 6th of January to Buenos Aires, then to Santiago. Will be a good trip to relax of the studies. I will be back on the beginning of February, when I’ll have quite a long vacation, where I may get a not so hard job, where I can get some $$$ and just relax. After the trip, another thing I’ll do, is work on the new design of the blog, make it live again, posting more often and with cool electronic things. There is so much to come to next year, I’m quite exited.
I’ll later add a PayPal Donation button, so that you could help me to buy some equipment to make more cool electronic stuff.
Thanks for the support from all of you this year, even that I couldn’t do much. Let’s just hope next year things will get lot better.
I wish that everyone have a great New Year, and that 2007 will be a great year for everyone!!
Thanks again for those who support this website and my projects.
See you all on February when I’m back from Argentina and Chile…


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