Buy 1000 Pepsi bottles and win a Sony Vaio Laptop!

Yes, it’s true! This is the deal, you buy 1000 bottles of Pepsi, and the Finnish Pepsi company will give you a Sony Vaio Notebook (don’t know the model). It would cost around 1500 euros and considering that a Sony notebook would cost around 2000 euros, it’s a great deal, and you will also have a bunch of Pepsi to drink, or sell for a cheaper price.

Sounds crazy, but many people in Finland have done it.
I’ve researched some websites and found some pictures of people who have actually bought 1000 Pepsi bottles and put it in the living room. There is a friend of a friend who bought it and he started selling bottles for 1.20 euros each, or 1 euro each if you if you buy 50 bottles.

The boring part of is that, in each bottle of Pepsi there is a sticker on it with a code. You have to enter the 1000 codes in the website. But I think it’s worth it.

If you want to know more about it, you can go to the website of finnish pepsi and click on the christmas promotion.

Here are some links to some crazy guys who made it, amazing pictures by the way:


  1. Here in Portugal, 1 bottle = 1 Euro ( /-) . 1000 would be 1000 Euros. The cheapest Vaio laptop here costs around 1350 Euros, so it would be a great deal 🙂

  2. I wish there would be something here in Brazil! 1 Bottle of 2L is about 0,90c of euro. So 900euros. But sony vaio here is preatty expencive!! Like 2500e or more.

  3. Actually the cost of the laptop will be way less than that. Two big supermarket chains sell Pepsi (1,5l bottles with 40 cent bottle deposit each) for 1,25e or as low as 1e a bottle (when bought in 2-packs or 4-packs).

    This means a cost of 1000 * 1,25e = 1250e (or even as low as 1000e) and when you take the bottles back to any store you get 1000 * 0,4e back => laptop will cost 850e even if you pour all the 1,5 cubic metres of pepsi in the toilet!

    Now, if you are smart enough to sell most of the Pepsi… well, I sold 900, kept 100 bottles and at the end am getting the Vaio laptop for 450 euros AND getting 150 litres of Pepsi on top of that.

    A fair deal, I would say 🙂

  4. Thanks Pasteler0 – I will however wait until I actually have the laptop in my hands before opening the champagne… Seeing is believing.

    It was pretty rough work for a few days (considering I do work as well, couldn’t spend all day with this) but personally I did it for the challenge (perhaps the dumbest thing I’ve done in the past ten years… excluding my youth). I already got a laptop for work purposes, but this one goes to the wife so she stops hogging my computer 🙂

    Best regards to Brazil from 0’C Finland!

  5. Mathboy, do you know when will you receive the laptop? And wich model will it be?
    I wish I could have one laptop now, but I belive that someday I’ll have one, hehehe. 🙂
    Please, let me know when you receive it!!!
    By the way, I lived in finland one year, in one small town called Kurikka, near Seinäjoki. Spend a great time there. Where are you from?

    Regards from 30’C Brazil.

  6. Yep will let you know when I get it… I live in Helsinki but am familiar with the Seinäjoki region as well. Kurikka – isn’t that where the Nokia CEO Jorma Ollila is from originally? Think it is.

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