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Long time ago I came across this page, where Toon Beerten created a Moodlamp using a PIC16F628 µC. I remember that back then I didn’t have much knowledge on µC’s programming, so the first thing I did was to buy a Arduino board, and since that time I have been learning a lot and making many different projects with it…

Time has passed, I’ve built the breadboard prototype, then the first version, using only one layer (which is a good version if you want to etch your own PCB). Always wanted to make the project public as an Open Hardware, but due my lack of time, I never did, until I arrive in Genova. I then decided to make a second version of the board, two layers, the ability to program the µC without removing it from the socket (for programing you will need an Arduino, FTDI or USB-to-serial cable) and some available pins for those who want’s to add more features to the board, like a temperature sensor or another kind of sensor.

Here you will find the information on how to build your own MoodLamp with simple electronic components. I am also planing on selling the MoodLamp kits, if you are interested, please leave a comment below (you can always make a Paypal donation so I can buy some beers!)



[Video 01] [Video 02] [Video 03]


Documentation and Files:

Board: v2_rev0.brd
Schematics: v2_rev0.sch
Assembly instructions: Soon
Programming instructions: Soon

Updated code @ Github

If you want to download the files for the v1.0 you can get the .brd and the .sch

Thanks for reading!
And remember to share your modifications…

…Keep hacking…


  1. Hi Daniel,

    Where did you make your PCB ? It really looks … great (never thought I’d say that about a PCB).

    Nice layout !

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