Organizing your dropbox Camera Upload folder with Go

A few years ago I wrote a small Python script to organize the photos uploaded from your phone to Dropbox. Lately, I have been rewriting some of my python scripts to golang for practice and also performance.

All photos are uploaded to Dropbox with a name pattern like 2018-08-01 05.56.40.jpg. What all it does is to parse the date and move it to the right place, for example, 2018-08-01 will move it to a folder called 08-August inside 2018.

golang dropbox photo organizer

Source code:

You can also download the compiled file below, just make sure you make it executable with

chmod +x organize_photos

and run it with


Download link.


  1. Hi
    Really useful script but (and sorry for my ignorance) how can I “install” this script?
    Can I do this on my desktop installation (Mac)?
    thank u

  2. Hi again
    I understand that I have to put the .py file (which I didn’t find in the website) in the camera upload folder and then run terminal command. After all the comment I ve read do you have a final version of this file available?
    thanx again

    1. Hey there, this is the Golang version and not the python one.
      Go to this page save the file inside the ‘Camera Upload’ folder as

      Change the fold path ` folder = ‘/Users/admin/Dropbox/Camera Uploads/’ ` to match yours.

      Then run the script with `python`.

      Remember that you need to run it on the terminal.

      Let me know if you need more help!

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