HC-RS04 NewPing Class

sonar non blocking sonar

Just finished writing a small C++ class to work with multiple HC-RS04 sonar transducers with a non-blocking way with the NewPing Library.
In this exact code I connected two sensors, but you can add as many as you like.

To add new sonars, just create a new instance of it adding the echo and trigger pins.

Sonar sonar1(2,3);

Here is an example with some NeoPixels, just for fun:



  1. Sir, I like your idea very much and I m impressed with your project. So, I just want to make this amazing project but the problem is that you haven’t mentioned the device or the component you are using also there is no information about the connection, please sir help me out with this.
    I’ll be so glad if you’ll help me out.

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