Round Corner PCB with EagleCad

Quick video showing how to create a PCB on Eagle Cad with round corners.
This is the way I do it, there are probably many different ways to do the same, if you know a better one, please share!


  1. Hello Daniel,

    Thank you for using EAGLE in your electronics work. There is another way to make the rounded corners that you may want to try. Check out the MITER command in EAGLE. It’s one of the icons on the left side or you can just type MITER and then hit enter. Look at the top toolbar, you’ll see that there’s two types of miter one that is a 45 degree cut and another that is a radius. Left click on the radius type and then enter the Radius you want the rounded corners to have. The higher the radius the more rounded the corner will be. After this is set you can just go ahead and left click at each of the corners to get your rounded board.

    Jorge Garcia
    Cadsoft Computer

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