Say hello to my little friend – Arm Pro Mini

Last couple of weeks I have been playing with this great board called “Arm Pro Mini” (name that came after the Arduino Pro Mini). This board is a small barebone open source ARM M0 Microcontroller that was designed to help makers take the bold move from the Arduino “world” to the next step into the feared ARM architecture.

Right now I am programming it using the platform to program the board and explore this great RTOS dev environment.

Pinout Diagram



Attribute Value
Memory 64K flash, 8K RAM, 4K EEPROM
Speed 48Mhz
Core voltage 3.3V (3.3V LDO included)
Crystal 12Mhz (for 48Mhz MCU operation).
LEDS Power (blue), USB status (green), Application (red),


On the next posts I will try to make some “Getting Started with Arm Pro Mini Videos“, what do you think?


  1. Hola Daniel,

    Me gusta mucho este proyecto y estoy interesado en él.
    ¿Puedes hacerme llegar la PCB y los componentes para montarlo y hacer pruebas?
    Ya me dices como te lo pago.


  2. Very interesting.

    Did you have to create and solder your own board, or have you found a source of assembled boards? Thanks.

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