Dotklok + LM35 Temperature Sensor

I got my Dotklok up and running some days ago, I am really enjoying it on my room.
But I want to do more with it. Too bad right now I don’t have much time to play with electronics and build cool things.

Anyway, today I decided to spend some time learning the Dotklok’s code and add a temperature sensor to it. The result was really cool, and now I am sharing the bit of code I added to the clock.

To make it work in your clock, you must add a new effect called temperature(); in the switch area, then in
time animations, add the code below. And for the hardware, I used a LM35 Temperature Sensor connected in 5V, GND, and AD3, but can use any AD available, just change the code afterwards.

Here is the code, but you can check the RAW file too.

Some more pics and video.

What do you think?
If you modify the code, don’t forget to share!

Thanks for reading!

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