PayPal Fee Calculator

Today I`ve found a very useful website for me, it`s called “PayPal Fee Calculator“. As I use a lot of PayPal to get money from many different sources and to pay things, like ebay auctions or MediaTemple Hosting plan.

When some ones make any kind of money transfer using PayPal, they usually charge %2,9 plus U$0,30. So, if you send U$100 to someone, they should receive U$96,80. The problem is that the person who is receiving the money, not always get those U$96,80 , so usually you should send some more money.

To make your life easier, you can use the PayPal Calculator. The website makes many different currency conversion, and even reverse calcs, where you set the amount that the user wants to receive, so you can see how much you should pay so he will receive what he wants. So, if the seller want`s to receive U$100, you should pay U$104,37.

It`s easy, just go to PayPal Calculator and start your payments.


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