Migrating to MediaTemple

Hello everyone out there, I’ll be migrating the website on the next hours. I’m moving from crappy godaddy to MediaTemple, which I hope and expect that’s it’s way better then the actual one. 🙂 So things may look weird.

And remember to update your bookmarks to www.danielandrade.net


  1. Hi Daniel,

    I’m really curious about your bad experiences. Currently using GoDaddy’s Virtual Private servers for 8 different sites. All of them are powered with NGINX, FastCGI and MovableType and 3 of them recent Dugg up to the front page. If we skip my own administrative errors for RAM exhaustion (easily fixed), the performance was charming.

    What was your headaches particularly? Were you using shared hosting?

    If you can list your bad experiences (or even create a new post for it), that would be great.

  2. Well, my bad experience was that when I got digged, godaddy just took off all my websites on a shared server. It was two days without nothing, I couldn`t even connect to my ftp. Now on MediaTemple you can user GPU, so they said it wont suffer from digg effect. And I could optimize more the code from this website, but even thought it would get off on godaddy.

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