10 Reasons why you should have a blog

So you are thinking about starting a blog, or your friends have their blogs and you are wondering why should you have one. In this post I will try to show you some good reasons why you should have a blog. For sure there are many more reasons, but they will probably change from person to person. So start reading and get to work, because you still have a lot to learn and it may change your life!

1 – Blogs are easy

When building a website, you will probably need to know at least the basics of HTML and some programming. But if you are not that familiar with codes there are many easy ways you can have a blog to spread your thoughts. You can buy a hosting plan that comes with pre-installed wordpress (for example) of even make an account at wordpress.com or blogspot.com and start right away writing whatever you want.

2 – Blogs can make you more sociable

From having a blog, there’s a good chance you will meet a lot of new people (not always in person, but sometimes yeah). You can make new friends, find people that think like you, and that’s nice. If you show to the world your point of view, your thoughts, or whatever you write, there’s a chance people will look for you asking for advices and that makes people feel good, to be able to help someone. Another good thing is that having a blog can help you professionally, showing what you can do will help you to get discovered and even get a better job.

3 – Blogs are challenging

Blogs are addictive, they work like a game, where you have to manage your blog, write good stuff, increase your traffic and be successful, and if you success in this game, you can have a happy ever after. Maybe the time you spent playing FreeCell now you can spend doing something good, that in the end can help you (I think it will won’t work if you’re a professional freecell player) with your life.

4 – A Blog can make you feel like a famous person

Oh, wait, paparazzi won’t be at your windows, at least not yet. But when you start expressing what you think about something, this will get to the people, and if they like it (or not), you will start to have some readers and even have some fans, people that will follow you during all your blog life. It can make you feel good, to know that there are people out there interested in what you think.

5 – You can even make money

It seems it can’t get any better now, when you are doing something you like, showing to the world what you think, and back you will get fans and eventually some cash. Now a days there are many ways you can get some extra bucks, like text-link-ads or google adsense. But if you plan quiting your job, I would say it’s possible (there are many people doing that), but you need to know what you are doing, and do it the right way. Even that you don’t get enough money to buy a new computer, is always nice to but a beer and think “well, I’m paying this with my blog posts”!

6 – It can work as a greeting card

Let’s say you are good at something, start a blog about what you have a considerable knowledge. So buy yourself a www.yourname.com domain, a basic hosting account and start writing about what you know, for example, if you are good at electric engineering, so start writing about it, showing to everyone that you know what you are saying. These way, the blog can open many doors for you, helping you get a better job and much more, as now a days companies look first on the web before get a new employee. So what are you waiting?

7 – Blog have no boss… You are the BOSS!!!

Even that you don’t take your blog professionally, just take it as a Hobby, there’s nothing better to do then know no one told you to do that way, or say that you should re-write something because the boss don’t liked the way to wrote about something. It happens a lot in magazines and newspapers, where most of the time, writers are not completely free to write what ever comes to the head. Blogs express freedom and free will. Show us the best you go the way you want it.

8 – Blogsphere

You are not the only blogger. You won’t be alone, while there are many out there just like you, expressing their thoughts, people helping each other and their blog to grow and to prosper. We bloggers make part of something called Blogsphere, it’s a big blog community where you can get any kind of help (technical and editorial). What you may not know, other people may know about, and like that you can exchange knowledge.

9 – Blogs can make you know yourself better

When you start blogging, you realises that all the information you need, you can get on the Internet itself. Little by little you will learn new things – HTML, PHP, MySql, CSS and much more. You will learn a little about design, marketing, literature, something new here and there. After a while you will realise that you know much more then what you knew before you start blogging.

10 – Blog can be you diary
Yeah, why not?



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