Way to go Godaddy…

Yesterday I got into the front page from digg.com, as soon as it got in the front page, godaddy made me a present, took my website off for 24h… Sad story… Wish I had $ to buy a better server 🙂


  1. I use Godaddy for my domain name, but I run my own server. I used to have my stuff hosted through them but it was too pricey, which is why I decided to do it on my own. I’ve never had any problems with them, and their customer service has always been exceptional for me.

  2. Bob “right-wing” Parsons… is a great man.. and “right-wing” — lol.. come on dude.. you need to get a job and get off either your parents dole or the governments dole… once you have to work for taxes like the rest of us, you’ll be “right-wing” too.

    As far as hosting.. I’ve tried them all…

    Want a cheap server but willing to live on the edge of spammers? Use ServerPronto

    Want a cheap non-server based but awesome product? Try hostmonster.com

    Want the best service but pay a little more? Server4you has the best tech support

    Want a competitor to hostmonster, but not quite as responsive? try 1and1. (one-and-one)

  3. Stay away from Godaddy.
    Let me share this with you. When you check domain name availability using GD, one minute it’s available, the next taken but for sale on back order, for way more money. So I use alternative websites to check availability.

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