Showing your last “twit” using php

While editing my blog theme, I decided to add my last thoughts in twitter to the website. Came with a very simple php code that will get the information from the last twitter post and show it as a text line, so you can add in anywhere you want.

This is the code:

< ?php
preg_match('#(.*)#',file_get_contents(''), $matches);
echo $matches[0]

Of course, remember to change username for your own.


  1. Hi Daniel- found you through Paul Stamatiou’s site, and since I don’t use wordpress (and thus no wordpress plugin goodness), I’m attempting your twitter method, as it appears to be platform independent. However, I put it in a php file on my site, and it just prints out the php file, not the tweet.

    php works fine on the site, though.

    the link is

  2. yes I’m dumb… I removed the space between < and ? at the php, and now it doesn’t just print the contents of the php file. It doesn’t show the twitter info either though.

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