BarCamp Floripa 2.0

Two weekends ago was kinda different from other weekends, I finally went to a BarCamp, after hearing so much about it on the web. It’s the second time that there is a BarCamp in my town, unfortunately I couldn’t attend to the first one, so I couldn’t miss this one. Two days (19/20 of May), a amazing opportunity to meet new minds, exchange ideas and have a great time talking about web related things, culture and art. The conversations was hold for exchanging knowledge about mostly in the web + education area, talking about copyright issues on the web (DRM), Web 2.0, Second Life, OpenSource, Blogs…There were a great presentation about the OLPC (One Laptop Per Children) project, where everyone could play with that little green thing.

This first experience was amazing, and hope to see everyone again! maybe in the next barcamp :).

For those who don’t know what a barcamp is, you can try to understand it in Wikipedia, or take a look at some photos of the flickrgroup. Or visit, where you can find when will be the next barcamp on your town.

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