HowTo: Building your own rounded cable

This is a very simple tutorial explaining how to build your very own rounded cable. They aren’t expensive, but it’s a nice project to do with your simple, flat and ugly IDE cables, making they look better. The reason why I would do that is to increase air circulation inside the case and making it looks better (if you have a window on it). So here goes the tutorial, hope you enjoy. Anything please comment!



What you will need:

  • Pliers
  • Stiletto
  • IDE cable
  • Spiral tube
  • Tape


1st Step: Get the IDE cable and cut it carefully, I think the best way is to cut it with 4 lines space, but you can do it with 2 lines space if you want, but it’s way more work. Now you must be careful, because if you damage any line, it will become useless.


2nd Step: Now you should make a “spaghetti” with the cable, and it’s time to put it inside the spiral (find to buy in any casemod website), take a look at this pictures:


3rd Step: After making the cable inside the spiral, it’s nice to stick the sides with tape.


4th Step: Now that the spiral is well fixed, you can use some wire ties for a better look, and better quality.


5th Step: Cut the long parts of the wire ties using a pliers and you cable is ready to use. 🙂


Now that you have done your “home maid rounded cable”, it will look much better then before, helping in the air circulation inside your case and make a clean look in you case. And cool thing is to use color tapes for a better look.
That’s all!
Based on a portuguese tutorial from




  1. Well done! Simple tutorial, have been wanting to do this for quite awhile but didn’t get around to doing so. I think I’ll do this tomorrow, though, thanks to you’re tut. =)

  2. Nice! Thanks great tutorial. How about a heatshrink tube in lieu of the spiral tubes or a combination of both..

  3. I don’t like cutting my cables like that so what I suggest is folding the cables like an accordian and then using electrical tapearound the cable to make it “round” (its actually slightly squarish). This keeps you from having to cut the cables but it also makes them stiffer (which has good and bad side effects).

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