Math Riddle

This is a simple math ride I heard today.
Think with me. 3 friends go to a pizza place. After eating, they go to pay, and the total is U$30, so each one pays U$10.
The owner of the pizza place knew the guys, so he told the waiter to give them U$5 off. The waiter, unashamed, put U$2 in his pocket and give U$1 to each of the boys.
So, how much did they paid in total? And where is the missing dollar?
Weird! Please, leave a comment about what you think is the result.


  1. Hoho,
    They paid $8,333… ($25/3) plus the money the waiter got for himself $0,666… ($2/3) each one.

    $8,333… $0,666… = $9 each one,
    $9 x 3 = $27. They actually paid $27.

    There’s no missing dollar.
    $10 – $1 = $9
    $9 x 3 = $27.

  2. alright they each originally paid ten dollars, but each got a dollar back, so it’s fair to say they paid 9 dollars each. 9 times 3 is 27 dollars. plus 2 dollars went to the waiter. 27 2=29. 29 dollars. but the bill was 30 dollars.

    i’ll tell you where the missing dollar went.

    the following week, 2 of the 3 guys returned back to the pizza place. again they’re total was 30 dollars. they each paid 15 dollars. the waiter again thought that since he took 2 dollars last time, he takes 3 dollars this time. again they have a 5 dollar discount and are each handed back one dollar. they each paid 14 dollars now. 14 times 2 is 28. 28 dollars total, plus the 3 that the waiter took adds to 31.

    and that’s where the missing dollar went

  3. it cost 30 bucks for the pizza, but got back 5 dollars from the 30 it was at first, but the bell boy kept 2 dollars for him self and only gave 3 back to the 3 men each giving them one. so you got to go like this 10*3=30 (because that is how much they origionally paid) minus 3(how much they got back)= 27 then minus 2 (the ones the waitor took) and you now get 24 and thats how much it cost to pay for the pizza so there is no missing or extra dollar!!!. now what did i win

  4. This is a tricky math problem indeed. You must remember the TOTALS of all the things that took place.
    1) 10 x 3 = 30
    2) 30 – 5 = 25
    3) 25 + 3 = 28
    4) 28 + 2 = 30. The correct way to say what happened is the men paid 10 each… at first. Then it became 9 with the refund (9 x 3) making the total 27. But remember the refund total was +5… so 30 minus the 3 to the men makes the 27 total. Then you take (subtract) the 2 the man has from the 27 and you get the 25 the hotel has.
    Also 30 = 10 * 3 – 5 + 3 + 2. And 9 * 3 – 2 + 5 (the refund) = 30. The problem is wording the math as 9 times 3 which includes the refund changing the cost of the room to 25. Instead of saying the men spent 27 including what they should have spent which is 25 I mean they did spend 27, and the man took 2 but they only got back 3 which together is the 5 in refund.

  5. This is a mystery. Of course you can work it backwards and find the missing dollar, but I believe this is some sort of loop hole in the the universe. Probably a black hole.

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