bookmark_borderCampus Party Brazil

Hi everyone, I am blogging live from the CampusParty Brazil 2k10 in São Paulo – Brazil, it’s something like a Lan Party but full of presentations, concerts and of course downloading… We have here a 10GB BandWidth internet, and there’s a TV screen showing the bandwidth consumption, and we haven’t used more then 3GB at the same time. (I’m trying my best to beat the record). Another thing that I found cool is that someone started a DC++ Servers, and there’s around 400 people connected to it sharing stuff fullspeed, soon my 500Gb Lacie Drive, that I brought with me empty will be full.

In case you are somewhere around the world and would like to download stuff from us, connect to the DC++ Hub and download at a great speed.

Today morning there was some people doing Arduino projects, DIY stuff, Open Sorce presentations and much more. You can check LiveStreaming from the Campus Party Here.

Yesterday Kevin Mitnick was here giving a presentation about the art of deception, what a presentation, really good! If you would like to watch it, I am uploading it too, it’s worth it!

Take care all, I will check my downloads now! 😉

bookmark_borderMAKE presents: The LED

As you might already know, I am big of a LED fan, love all its light power and low power needed for that. While viewing the RSS from
HackZine I saw a great short video about the history of LEDs and a little about how to use them. I liked, and decided to share with you, hope you like as much as I.

In case you would like to learn more about leds, you can visit HowStuffWorks and on Wikipedia.

Some projects I’ve used with leds:

bookmark_borderHuge List of Free WordPress Templates Sites

club_small.gifSurfing on a Brazilian website called misterwp I’ve found this huge list of websites where you can find themes for your wordpress. As the website is in Portuguese, I’m sharing this here. So if you are looking for a new design for your blog, maybe here is a good place to start! 🙂

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bookmark_borderMerry Christmas to all

Hello everyone, right now I`m on my grandmas beach house, as you may know, here in Brazil we are in summer holidays, so I`veH been on the beach almost everyday. This is a quick post, I`m not able to write as much as I would like right now, but want to say thanks to everyone who commented and helped me in building this blog (now with my own name). And want to say (little late) Happy Christmas to all and a amazing 2008.

Till next year 🙂

bookmark_borderFirst post from my iphone

Hello everyone, this is my first post from my little new toy, a iphone. This is a quick post, sorry for the lack of updates. But im ending my semester and you know, its damn hard. Last days I’ve studied for like 16h everyday. But all this will be over this week. Thanks god 🙂 After that I’ll migrate this website from godaddy to mediatemple, which I hope will be much better and then I will not suffer the digg effect. Till soon 🙂