bookmark_borderAnother cool AVR Dev Board

Kyle Stewart built another cool Dev Board for the ATmega168/8 (same microcontroller used in arduino).
The news thing about this board, is that it have a “vertical approach”, leaving more space on the breadboard for other components, a excellent idea!

Some features:

  • Works with ATmega168 (and probably others)
  • 16MHz crystal
  • 5V and 3V regulators can supply power to breadboard
  • Plugs vertically into breadboard taking minimal space
  • ISP programmable
  • 1-wire debug can be used
  • Simple to build, no surface mount components


On kyle’s website you will find the schematic, eagle files and more.

Take a look at:

bookmark_borderSimple but well made ATmega8 Development board

In case you think a arduino board is too much for your ATmega Development, you should check this board made by yourITronics. Using the microcontroller`s internal clock, and programming using an ICSP cable you can start developing right now!

In the website you’ll find the scheme and the eagle file.


Take a look here!

bookmark_borderSay hello to Arduino’s big brother, Sanguino

And Zach Smith says: “I’m really really really excited to announce this new product. This one was directly conceived, funded, and produced here by the RRRF as a direct result of the kind souls who have supported us so far. To get to the meat, the Sanguino is a new microcontroller board inspired by the Arduino. We took the biggest baddest 40-pin DIP that atmel makes and made a board with it. Its based on the atmega644P which provides 64K of flash, 4K of ram, and 32 GPIO pins. The best part: its compatible with the Arduino software, which means all of your code should run on it no problem, and you can program it just as easily.

You can buy a kit from the RRRF for $25 or check out the Sanguino website.

I am totally going to get one!!!